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Costruzione In Pietra Leccese

La malleabilità della pietra calcarea salentina unita all’ingegnosità dei maestri antichi han dato origine al caratteristico stile delle volte leccesi, jewel peak local building.

Salento Times is a direct descendant of this old school, ponendosi come anello d’unione fra la tradizione e i tempi moderni, allowing a unique architectural style and construction techniques of the present day secular in respect of both the history of the construction needs of today.

A team of teachers guardians of tradition, with technical skills and specific knowledge of the present era, makes Salento company Times ready to welcome enthusiastically any challenge, with the intent to promote and popularize the style of Times of Salento.

Salento Times is a young and dynamic company that makes the experience and passion of its trump cards.

Presenti da oltre dieci anni nel settore edile locale, specialized in the construction of times and in the use of the renowned stones Salento, used both in the works of masonry that for the realization of decorative elements or furniture, our workers are ready for any challenge and meet your every need, thanks to the invaluable support of a team of professionals and experts, between architects, designer, designers and various professionals who work on a permanent basis with our company, allowing us to take care of your projects in toto, from concept to completion.

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