Costruzione e Restauro di Volte a Stella, a Botte, a Squadro…

Costruzione e Restauro di Volte

La qualità sta nella costruzione delle volte: Realizziamo volte a stella, a squadro, barrel, maltrotta hipped, maltrotta lunettes, dome; of any size and in any condition, meeting the needs of the customer and the new construction standards.

Le volte hanno rappresentato da sempre il modello costruttivo più utilizzato in edilizia per coprire grandi superfici. Already known as a construction technique among Egyptians and Mesopotamia, will have widespread especially in Roman times.

Un tempo era costituita da pietre intagliate in modo che tra di loro ci fosse quell’equilibrio che permetteva alla struttura di autosostenersi, and to withstand the pressures of the upper structures downloading all the force on the walls and colonnades side. With the advent of the concrete will not need calibration before needed and this will give the opportunity to manufacturers considerable variation in the geometry of the shell.

The introduction of cement with lime gave the opportunity then to range from the traditional barrel vault figures increasingly complex, including the vault, the pavilion vault, up to aimed at crocierate, which were obtained from the intersection of two perpendicular barrel vaults, then continue with ever more daring designs such as vaulted which are in turn different types – a 4 tips, to 8 tips or multipunta through the intersection of several storeys.

Present Day, with the advent of reinforced concrete possibilities of realization of times from the drawings and the size differentiated has evolved considerably.

In Salento, thanks to the presence of two particular rocks, limestone-based and clay, so easy to work, the realization of times coverage as usual, still enjoys a wide circulation. Just think of the buildings with Once exposed face that still characterize much of the architectural landscape of Salento.

Once the exposed face allows you to admire the lines construction and arrangement of the bricks are not covered by plaster. A constructive play capable diammaliare the visitor with elegant geometric patterns and colorful nuances color.